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Title Description Price
Canned FoodsHELLOI AM SELLING CANNED FOODS / Corn / Beans / Meat / Fish / Soup / and MORE.$4 USD or ~0.02 Monero XMR
Small blog or personal website hostingSimple webhosting payment is monthly$3 USD or ~0.02 Monero XMR
Third Temple Merchandisehttps://templemerch.fr.to$9 USD or ~0.05 Monero XMR
Finest Soy Merchandisehttps://soymart.kozow.com$20 USD or ~0.12 Monero XMR
HIGH QUALITY LANGUAGE LEARNING SOFTWARE 😱😱😱😱😱 https://wills-games.itch.io/mova https://peepsoft.3vm.cl$1 USD or ~0.01 Monero XMR
Affordable and High Quality Orthodox Christian IconsGet Icons at Apostolic Icons https://apostolicicons.kozow.com $10 USD or ~0.06 Monero XMR
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